Chilli con Carne

Our Chili con carn'e contains 13 ingredients, and cooks for over 8 hours! which, along with the care taken to prepare, gives this dish a depth of flavour and taste we consider, not tasted in commercially produced Chili, and honestly, very rarely in a home made one!! but hey, we are always up for a challenge , if you think yours is tasty enough :-)

We use Red Thai Chillies in our #1 Chilli.  In our #2 Chilli there is a mixture of Thai, Scotch Bonnett or Naga Chillies, depending on which are available.

No Chilli Powders or Dried Goods are used .

Low Salt.  In a typical batch of Chilli more than 50kg of ingredients are used, to that is added just 60 grams of salt.  Now... that's low salt!

Low Sugar as above, but we add just 30 grams.

This dish is also available guten free !