H.A's Mexican Food Menu




H. A’s Mexican Menu


Garlic Tortilla (V)

1.      Our own blend of garlic and herb butter sandwiched between two 10” tortilla’s, griddle toasted, cut into wedges… £2.50

2.      With Cheese…..£2.95

  Spicy Chicken Wings (8 pieces)

3.      Oven roasted chicken wings in our own spicy marinade….. £3.95

Fully Loaded Nachos

4.      Tortilla chips topped with our own homemade salsa, and melted cheese, comes with a portion of Guacamole and soured cream, for you to add:- 

5.      Standard… £3.95(V)

6.      Large…..    £4.95(V)

 Chilli Nachos

As above, with the Chilli of your choice.

7.      Standard…..£5.95

8.      Large.…..£6.95

      Spicy Baked Potato Wedges

9.      Our own spicy coating to these wedges. inc soured cream… £3.95(V)



            Our Signature Chilli con Carne

Our Chilli’s contain around 13 ingredients!, and cooks for over 8 hours! Which, along with the care taken to prepare, gives this dish a depth of flavour and taste we consider, not available in commercially produced chilli… Exceptional!

inc plain rice or potato wedges… £6.95

 10. Vegetable Chilli (V)

Fresh vegetables replace the meat for this chilli.  Herbs, spices and chilli content remain the same, so keeping this dish, extremely tasty!  inc plain rice or potato wedges…£6.95

 Fajita’s (12”soft flour tortilla)

Toasted flour tortilla wrapped around roasted mixed peppers, fajita onions, and your choice of :-

11. marinated Rump steak strips…….£6.95

12. marinated chicken…….£5.95

13. Chilli con Carne….. £5.95

14. Vegetable Chilli….. £5.95 (V)

15. fresh roasted vegetables…..£5.95 (V)


Your choice of filling bedded between two tortillas with cheese, cooked on the griddle until golden. Cut into wedges. Comes with, homemade salsa, guacamole, and soured cream

16. Chicken in our own marinade …              £3.95

17. Marinated spicy beef strips…                  £3.95

18. Chorizo…                                                    £3.95

19. Chilli con Carne…                          £4.95

20. Freshly roasted vegetables…                  £3.95 (V)

 Baked Enchiladas (3x8”soft flour tortilla)

21.  3x8”Fajita’s  of your choice, smothered in cheese sauce, grated cheese then baked in the oven until golden… £8.95 

22. marinated Rump steak strips

23. marinated chicken

24. Chilli con Carne

25. Vegetable Chilli (V)

26. fresh roasted vegetables (V)

27. GF 6” corn tortilla available

 Tacos (3x6”soft corn or flour tortilla)

28. Soft corn tortillas filled with crispy lettuce, salsa, cheese and your choice of core ingredient… £7.50

29. GF corn tortilla

30. marinated Rump steak strips

31. marinated chicken

32. Chilli con Carne

33. Vegetable Chilli (V)

34. fresh roasted vegetables (V)


A 12” tortilla, wrapped around a healthy portion of the chilli of your choice, crisp lettuce, shredded cheese.

35. Chilli #1 ………….£3.95 

36. Chilli #2…………..£3.95

37. Vegetable chilli…£3.95 (V)

 Meatballs de Mehico

Bite size meatballs in a spicy tomato salsa, topped with cheese and crispy lettuce. 

Wrapped in a 12” tortilla or atop a bed of rice.

38. Tortilla……£3.95

39. Rice………£3.95



40. Chicken Curry (medium hot)

Fresh chicken breast, tomatoes, onions and garlic. marinated in our own blend of herbs and spices.  With basmati Rice… £ 6.95

 41. Beef Bolognaise

Matured British beef, onions, tomato, cooked slowly in our own combination of herbs and more.  With Rice… £6.95

Rump Steak Sandwich

42. Matured British Rump steak (8oz approx) cooked as you like with fried onions, in a toasted ciabatta… £7.95

 Minute Steak

43. Thinly sliced beef, flash fried and seasoned to your liking, with fried onions

In a toasted ciabatta… £4.95

 44. 6oz Certified Aberdeen Angus steak burger with fried onions … £5.95



45. Soured cream                                            £0.80p

46. Guacamole                                                 £1.00

47. Jalapenos                                                   £0.90

48. Rice                                                           £1.95

49. Cheese for Burgers – 2 slices                  £0.50p

50. Monteray Jack Cheese – 2 slices            £1.00


Because of the nature of Mexican food ie: freshly prepared over the coming weeks this menu will evolve as popular dishes emerge, we will then start to change and add items to customer preferences and feedback.  So, please give us feedback!


                                                                                                V=suitable for vegetarians

GF=Gluten Free