Welcome to hamexican and the healthy appetite website

                            If you have seen the advertising for the Mexican food service, this starts on the 25 of April 2013, and we are getting on with the website for this exciting venture at the moment, i've put some stuff on here INCLUDING THE MENU so you have some flavour of things to come with H.A's 


I hope to have the new site finished soon please come back. 

We are a catering company based in Kent with a passion for supplying a healthy food option as a takeaway, for events, or any occasion. 

All our original recipes are low fat, low salt and low sugar.

 For 3 years, providing lunch time food in Ashford Town Centre, and,for the last 4 years have been on Cobbs Wood, supplying morning and lunch time food, and at various events across the country (see photo gallery).  We have now stopped the Cobbs Wood service to concentrate on  H.A's Mexican food

Its now time for that next stage, an evening delivery or collection service of Mexican inspired food!

Welcome to Delivered food as we think it should be !!

We will be opening an evening delivery service from our professional kitchen on the Ellingham Industrial Centre.

 You can also  collect your food too, just tell us when you make your order and we will give you a time to pick it up.

The planned start date is Thursday 25 April 2013.

Please don't be concerned if you have an event booked for this coming year.  As we will still honour all events booked.